Blast to the Past——-> Spice Girls


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Yay finally got the blog post updated! As promised, we kind of got it uploaded near Friday, sorry it’s a day late! Yesterday we participated in a blast to the past fashion show! If you read our last blog you’d know that this post is on,..

“So tell me what you want what you really really want; I’ll tell you what I want what I really really want”

….. the Spice Girls…….. do they ring a bell or is that too old for our generation?!

So for the past 3 weeks, Lou and I along with 3 other fabulous girls choose to be them and followed through with our plan pretty well!!!! Long story short, our outfits turned out perfect (click on the photo to see how the outfits were supposed to look). Unfortunately, after carefully planning out choreography for the cat walk, our music was timed wrong which backed up our performance 😦 Although we got positive feedback, we weren’t happy with the outcome. It was all in all quite fun and I’d do it again!!

Brookie ❤


Brookie & Lou’s Blog Announcements


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First off, we’d like to make a huge apology for not posting any blogs for the past few weeks!!! As everyone else, we’re both super busy and have finally found some time dedicated to this blog. It needs a bit more love put into it and some more time as well. Although we acknowledge that as a writer you have to keep on top of things so for now on we will be unless otherwise indicated! Enough rambling from our behalf and lets get on with things…

Hands- heart

Upcoming Blogs for March (Being posted every Friday)

  1. March 7: Spice Girls Fashion Show
  2. March 14: Current Book Reviews (our favs. for teens)
  3. March 21: Professional Looking Photography
  4. March 28: Introduction to TSN Week —–> Try Something New

Check our blog next Friday and hopefully we’ll even post more than 1 every week 

♥ Brookie & Lou 

Da Girls


After posting tips on how to judge a cute guy, the next advice is for the girl side! So, we thought that we’d post something useful to teens and what’s better than advice from people around the same age! We know our stuff and want to make sure you girls are in on the buzz!!! Here are some tips to help you win your dream guy!

1.)    Smile ♠ Easy right, well it’s not that simple! Sometimes we’re so caught up in life that our facial expressions show it and there’s always a solemn face. Doing things once in a while for yourself, can brighten your mood and maybe bring those gorgeous smiles out

2.)    Drink lots of water ♣ Not only is this a great way to make your skin look healthy and hydrated, but it’s also a magic position for acne. If plain water is too dull, squeezing a lemon/lime in it tastes a lot better. Also, making natural flavored water with fruit tastes fabulous


3.)    Make sure you have a fabulous wardrobe ♥ Not like going to spend thousands on all coach; maybe an accessory or two would be perf though! Consult advice from any friends who dress in style, look in magazines and go shopping!!! Dressing drab is not acceptable if your wanting that dream guy


4.)    Keep in shape ♦ Most guys prefer a girl who takes care of her body. Not only do you look better, but you’ll feel a lot better too!

5.)    Be confident ∞ Laughing loudly and trying to be all that is the key though! If he looks over, smile instead of looking away. Also, slumping or covering your face, doesn’t show anything! Guys can like a sensitive, shy girl, but at least look cute if this is the direction you’re heading for

Five easy ways to become the dream girl for a guy! It might take practice but keep your head up and smile on

-Brookie& Lou

Da Boys


Boys are everywhere and deciding if they are cute is a hard decision of life. So here are so tips to see if a boy is cute enough to waste your time.

5. How does he walk?

– If he walks like an idiot, like some gangster wanna be, walk the other direction and ignore all the thoughts you had of him.

4. How does he dress?

-This comes back to the gangster thing. If you can see his bum he is a NO! Being well dressed is a mandatory thing. What he wears reflects you to.

3. How are his eyes?

– Eyes are really important, if you don’t find his eyes ama-zayn (1D references – Louise) he isn’t right for you. Whenever you like a guy you always find his eyes amazing, so if this guy has ugly eye or ones that don’t grab your attention then he isn’t right for you.

2. How are his Facial Features?

– What is his face shape? Eye Shape? Does he have funny eyebrows? These are big questions you need to ask yourself when deciding if a guy is cute or not.


1. Does he have greasy hair?

-Never like a guy with greasy hair…ever. It isn’t classy. Sure if he has greasy hair one day, whatever, but always? That isn’t cool. Also watch for his hairstyle, make sure it is attractive and from this year!

Some Examples of Cute Guys:

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-Lou and Brookie ❤

The Truth About Drama


As young people and even during adolescents, drama is quite common. Honestly, it is very nonsensical and a waste of time. We’d like to share a story (or fairy tale) of our drama. Yes, it sounds quite silly, but this is drama mixed with friend issues. These friendships are hard to keep and hard to throw away. Here’s our drama life in a nutshell. Image

Once upon a time there was a princess called Tiana who liked to meddle and be rude to her friends. Princess Tiana learned that Prince Matthew was in love with her and wanted to spend every minute with her. You see Princess Tiana was also in love with Prince Matthew and ditched her friends, Princess Brookie, Princess Penny and Princess Louise to be with him.  Let’s just say the three princesses were not happy and planned to get revenge. That is when they heard the news of the Winter Wonderland Christmas Ball. Princess Tiana wanted the princesses to go really bad, but Penny didn’t want to, Brookie’s dad said not a chance and Louise didn’t want to be alone. That is when the whole thing went downhill. You see Princess Louise is best friends with Prince Evan and Tiana had the stupid idea of getting Evan to ask Louise to the dance. Louise was doing other stuff when Tiana asked and Brookie flipped out. Penny was no help and sat on the side, but we will ignore that. Princess Brookie ran to Princess Louise and told her the truth. Louise didn’t react well and freaked. Princess Louise went and told Prince Evan the truth and they became friends again. Then Louise went and confronted Princess Tiana and she acted like an innocent person… big lie she wasn’t. So now the three princesses all hate her. Morale of the story, friends are important and you don’t want to mess with teenage girls.

Always remember:



P.S. Never get caught in drama and don't let 
someone pull you into it! If you do, don't say anything 
or write anything that can escalate the 
situation!!! Drama is an attention seeker and not worth 

Getting To Know Brookie & Lou


Since we’re new, we thought it’d be a good opportunity for everyone to get to know a little bit about us! Each of us will do a little blurb; remember, we’re open to any comments ♥


Bonjour bloggers, followers & everyone else! First off, I want to say thanks for looking at our posts; it means a lot!! Ok so I live in the western part of the world where it truly is gorgeous, but full of rain  My absolute favorite season is summer and I couldn’t live without it! Along with that thought, I cherish tropical islands as they are the most relaxing places in the world . All my favorites are magenta, riding, soccer and reading. I believe that anyone can reach their dreams with hope, passion and lots of hard work. Doing good in school is really important.. So it eating healthy, exercise and not getting into bad things. Don’t follow trends; START them!! Friends are a necessity to life! If you have something important to say, say it, comment and we’ll read and reply to all!!!! 
Hey guys! It’s Lou the great and I just wanted to start off by saying thanks for reading our posts! It is REALLY appreciated!!
So about me!
I live in the same area of Brookie and yes the rain sucks, like majorly and I hate it!!!!
I’m really into music. I’m really into All Time Low, One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer (Luke girl!!), Demi and Little Mix… the list goes on!
My dream is to be a PR Consultant and I really want to live in Sydney and/or England. I also LOVE to travel/
I have a phobia of snakes and hate spiders. 
I love to eat pizza, so Brookie’s whole eating healthy thing doesn’t really work for me. I love food and stuff my face with it ALL the time.
I love to Dance and Act. I am currently in two plays meaning I am SUPER busy and tired.
My favorite color is purple. I LOVE Peter Pan (2003). My favorite Disney Princess is Elsa like I’m in LOVE with her!
That’s all I can think of now!
Love Louise ❤

A Warm Welcome


Hey there all you fellow bloggers! We’re both so happy to finally have our blog up and running. And yes you read right, there’s two of us and we’re besties who want to do a project 2gether ❤ The curious and fun-loving one is Louise known as Lou. And the bright, cute one is, Brookie ! Our blog is focused on tips for getting through obstacles in life including those petty ones like drama . On the contrary, we also share anything interesting that we think is important and some life events. Can’t wait to hear everyone’s opinions as well… So leave comments for us!

Thanks for reading!!!

PS. Happy 2014!

Lou’s inspiration for the fabulous blog name! ^^

* Brookie & Lou