The Truth About Drama


As young people and even during adolescents, drama is quite common. Honestly, it is very nonsensical and a waste of time. We’d like to share a story (or fairy tale) of our drama. Yes, it sounds quite silly, but this is drama mixed with friend issues. These friendships are hard to keep and hard to throw away. Here’s our drama life in a nutshell. Image

Once upon a time there was a princess called Tiana who liked to meddle and be rude to her friends. Princess Tiana learned that Prince Matthew was in love with her and wanted to spend every minute with her. You see Princess Tiana was also in love with Prince Matthew and ditched her friends, Princess Brookie, Princess Penny and Princess Louise to be with him.  Let’s just say the three princesses were not happy and planned to get revenge. That is when they heard the news of the Winter Wonderland Christmas Ball. Princess Tiana wanted the princesses to go really bad, but Penny didn’t want to, Brookie’s dad said not a chance and Louise didn’t want to be alone. That is when the whole thing went downhill. You see Princess Louise is best friends with Prince Evan and Tiana had the stupid idea of getting Evan to ask Louise to the dance. Louise was doing other stuff when Tiana asked and Brookie flipped out. Penny was no help and sat on the side, but we will ignore that. Princess Brookie ran to Princess Louise and told her the truth. Louise didn’t react well and freaked. Princess Louise went and told Prince Evan the truth and they became friends again. Then Louise went and confronted Princess Tiana and she acted like an innocent person… big lie she wasn’t. So now the three princesses all hate her. Morale of the story, friends are important and you don’t want to mess with teenage girls.

Always remember:



P.S. Never get caught in drama and don't let 
someone pull you into it! If you do, don't say anything 
or write anything that can escalate the 
situation!!! Drama is an attention seeker and not worth 

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