Da Boys


Boys are everywhere and deciding if they are cute is a hard decision of life. So here are so tips to see if a boy is cute enough to waste your time.

5. How does he walk?

– If he walks like an idiot, like some gangster wanna be, walk the other direction and ignore all the thoughts you had of him.

4. How does he dress?

-This comes back to the gangster thing. If you can see his bum he is a NO! Being well dressed is a mandatory thing. What he wears reflects you to.

3. How are his eyes?

– Eyes are really important, if you don’t find his eyes ama-zayn (1D references – Louise) he isn’t right for you. Whenever you like a guy you always find his eyes amazing, so if this guy has ugly eye or ones that don’t grab your attention then he isn’t right for you.

2. How are his Facial Features?

– What is his face shape? Eye Shape? Does he have funny eyebrows? These are big questions you need to ask yourself when deciding if a guy is cute or not.


1. Does he have greasy hair?

-Never like a guy with greasy hair…ever. It isn’t classy. Sure if he has greasy hair one day, whatever, but always? That isn’t cool. Also watch for his hairstyle, make sure it is attractive and from this year!

Some Examples of Cute Guys:

Displaying photo.JPG

Displaying photo.PNG

-Lou and Brookie ❤


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