Brookie & Lou’s Blog Announcements


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First off, we’d like to make a huge apology for not posting any blogs for the past few weeks!!! As everyone else, we’re both super busy and have finally found some time dedicated to this blog. It needs a bit more love put into it and some more time as well. Although we acknowledge that as a writer you have to keep on top of things so for now on we will be unless otherwise indicated! Enough rambling from our behalf and lets get on with things…

Hands- heart

Upcoming Blogs for March (Being posted every Friday)

  1. March 7: Spice Girls Fashion Show
  2. March 14: Current Book Reviews (our favs. for teens)
  3. March 21: Professional Looking Photography
  4. March 28: Introduction to TSN Week —–> Try Something New

Check our blog next Friday and hopefully we’ll even post more than 1 every week 

♥ Brookie & Lou 


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