Getting To Know Brookie & Lou


Since we’re new, we thought it’d be a good opportunity for everyone to get to know a little bit about us! Each of us will do a little blurb; remember, we’re open to any comments ♥


Bonjour bloggers, followers & everyone else! First off, I want to say thanks for looking at our posts; it means a lot!! Ok so I live in the western part of the world where it truly is gorgeous, but full of rain  My absolute favorite season is summer and I couldn’t live without it! Along with that thought, I cherish tropical islands as they are the most relaxing places in the world . All my favorites are magenta, riding, soccer and reading. I believe that anyone can reach their dreams with hope, passion and lots of hard work. Doing good in school is really important.. So it eating healthy, exercise and not getting into bad things. Don’t follow trends; START them!! Friends are a necessity to life! If you have something important to say, say it, comment and we’ll read and reply to all!!!! 
Hey guys! It’s Lou the great and I just wanted to start off by saying thanks for reading our posts! It is REALLY appreciated!!
So about me!
I live in the same area of Brookie and yes the rain sucks, like majorly and I hate it!!!!
I’m really into music. I’m really into All Time Low, One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer (Luke girl!!), Demi and Little Mix… the list goes on!
My dream is to be a PR Consultant and I really want to live in Sydney and/or England. I also LOVE to travel/
I have a phobia of snakes and hate spiders. 
I love to eat pizza, so Brookie’s whole eating healthy thing doesn’t really work for me. I love food and stuff my face with it ALL the time.
I love to Dance and Act. I am currently in two plays meaning I am SUPER busy and tired.
My favorite color is purple. I LOVE Peter Pan (2003). My favorite Disney Princess is Elsa like I’m in LOVE with her!
That’s all I can think of now!
Love Louise ❤