Da Girls


After posting tips on how to judge a cute guy, the next advice is for the girl side! So, we thought that we’d post something useful to teens and what’s better than advice from people around the same age! We know our stuff and want to make sure you girls are in on the buzz!!! Here are some tips to help you win your dream guy!

1.)    Smile ♠ Easy right, well it’s not that simple! Sometimes we’re so caught up in life that our facial expressions show it and there’s always a solemn face. Doing things once in a while for yourself, can brighten your mood and maybe bring those gorgeous smiles out

2.)    Drink lots of water ♣ Not only is this a great way to make your skin look healthy and hydrated, but it’s also a magic position for acne. If plain water is too dull, squeezing a lemon/lime in it tastes a lot better. Also, making natural flavored water with fruit tastes fabulous


3.)    Make sure you have a fabulous wardrobe ♥ Not like going to spend thousands on all coach; maybe an accessory or two would be perf though! Consult advice from any friends who dress in style, look in magazines and go shopping!!! Dressing drab is not acceptable if your wanting that dream guy


4.)    Keep in shape ♦ Most guys prefer a girl who takes care of her body. Not only do you look better, but you’ll feel a lot better too!

5.)    Be confident ∞ Laughing loudly and trying to be all that is the key though! If he looks over, smile instead of looking away. Also, slumping or covering your face, doesn’t show anything! Guys can like a sensitive, shy girl, but at least look cute if this is the direction you’re heading for

Five easy ways to become the dream girl for a guy! It might take practice but keep your head up and smile on

-Brookie& Lou